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Power surges happen more often than you might think, with small surges occurring inside the average house up to 20 times per day.

And when the electrical current travelling through your home’s wiring suddenly spikes, the only thing that prevents it from becoming dangerous are surge protectors.

Whole-house surge protectors prevent these surges from causing immediate and lasting damage. While small surges aren’t individually serious, they can reduce any connected electric fixture’s lifespan by as much as 30% over time.

Power strips and other point-of-contact protectors can offer a layer of protection for attached devices, but only a whole-house protector will remove excess power from your circuits before it reaches a fixture. As such, it’s the best way to protect you, your wiring, and your home.

How does whole-house surge protection work?

Whole-house surge protectors direct all electrical current flowing into your home by connecting its wiring to the service panel of your home’s electrical system. As the current passes through, it allows a normal amount of electricity into your home. However, when excess voltage travels through the device, it immediately redirects it to a safe ground wire.

Because the excess voltage is channeled into a ground wire, it never enters your home’s electrical system in the first place. Not all houses are built alike, however, so when a professional electrician installs a whole-house surge protector, they set the voltage limit manually, which allows you to specify the output that’s most efficient for your home.

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