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When your drains are clogged, cleaning out one fixture may not be enough to solve the problem.

Sink, shower, toilet, and bathtub drains all tend to clog due to dirty pipes. This debris can create build-up all along your pipes, not just the places you can reach. Waste from multiple fixtures can create clogs that are too far down into the pipe to clear without extensive knowledge of your plumbing.

No matter how deep the clog, Dwellness is here to help. We have the expertise you need to identify the problem and fix it right away. With a selection of tools such as video inspection, high pressure jetting, and sewer line repairs, we’ll make sure your pipes are working like they should.

Why are my drains slow?

When your drains take longer than usual, it’s an early warning that there’s some kind of build-up in your pipes. Depending on the depth of the clog, it could affect anywhere from one to several drains in your house. There’s also the possibility that the pipes themselves are misaligned in a way that’s restricting water flow.

When the experts at Dwellness start treating your drains, we begin by looking the most common causes of clogs and build-up, such as:

  • Grease build-up
  • Soap scum or sediment build-up
  • Waste build-up
  • Rust or corrosion
  • Clumps of hair
  • Blocked or flooded overflow tubes
  • Issues with the drain vent
  • Misaligned or damaged pipes
  • Tree root damage and obstruction
  • Solid objects stuck in the pipes

Over time, the same issues that can slow down your drains will eventually clog them entirely. A full clog completely prevents water from flowing through your pipes, and when this occurs deep enough in your plumbing, it can affect every drain in your home.

Why should I have my drains cleaned professionally?

Most do-it-yourself solutions for plumbing issues only take care of the symptoms for your problem. A plunger can’t provide the deep scrub that an expert with the proper tools can, nor can it clear the build-up that caused the clog in the first place. Sooner or later, the build-up will cause something to get clogged a second time, and you will have to plunge all over again.

Without professional help, you’ll find yourself stuck in an uphill battle against your increasingly dirty pipes. Rather than trying to treat the symptoms of your pipe problem every time they occur, it’s better to get an expert to provide the cure. Getting your pipes professionally deep-cleaned is the fastest and easiest solution if you want to stop worrying about clogs for good.

Why choose Dwellness for Drain Cleaning Services?

For over 36 years, Dwellness has been repairing and unclogging pipes for countless local homeowners in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our experts are the fastest in town, arriving right on schedule virtually every time. We also handle more than just plumbing, and the majority of our first-time customers end up calling us for other needs like HVAC and electrical help.

Experts are available seven days a week Monday-Friday 7AM to 11PM and Saturday & Sunday 8AM to 4PM. Simply fill out the “Request Service Now” form to the left or call 702-641-8888 to get started, and we’ll help you clear any clogs, no matter how deep, and ensure your drains are all working perfectly.


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