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A clogged drain usually isn’t a big deal until it suddenly turns into one.

If your drain is clogged, it’s usually a sign that there’s a greater problem with your drainage or pipe system. Ignoring these issues can cause more frequent and severe symptoms with more and more expensive consequences.

Whatever pipe problems you have, Dwellness is here to help. No matter the issue, we can help you identify it and apply the right fix. With a selection of tools such as video inspection, high pressure jetting, and sewer line repairs, we’ll make sure your pipes are working like they should.


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Why choose Dwellness for Drain Cleaning Services?

For over 36 years, Dwellness has been repairing and unclogging pipes for countless local homeowners in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our experts are the fastest in town, arriving right on schedule virtually every time. We also handle more than just plumbing, and the majority of our first-time customers end up calling us for other needs like HVAC and electrical help.

Experts are available seven days a week Monday-Friday 7AM to 11PM and Saturday & Sunday 8AM to 4PM. Simply fill out the “Request Service Now” form to the left or call 702-641-8888 to get started, and we’ll help you fix or tune up your plumbing to ensure it’s working perfectly.