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While having too high or too low water pressure is already a problem, it’s usually a sign that your home has other potentially serious plumbing concerns as well.

Consistent pressure issues can signal that pipes are leaking somewhere or are perhaps experiencing corrosion or clogging created by lime deposits.

If you are experiencing problems with your water pressure, its time to contact a professional. Restoring proper water pressure early can save you hundreds of dollars on costly water damage in the future. Whether your pressure is too high or too low, or if you’ve already found a leak, the experts at Dwellness have you covered. If you’re unsure about why you may be experiencing issues with your water pressure, we can answer that too:

What causes low water pressure?

Low water pressure can occur for several reasons. The most common cause is simply that your water intake values are not open all the way. When a valve is partially closed, your water must spend some of its pressure to push past the narrow opening. The easiest solution is to make sure that your main indoor water valve is completely open and that other intake valves are too, especially those near the water meter.

On the other hand, a problem with only a single fixture could be caused by the fixture itself. Make sure you inspect the whole thing for clogs and clean it thoroughly. If every fixture in your house is experiencing low water pressure, however, then something could be restricting the flow in the main water line. If you’ve already opened all valves and cleaned every fixture without improvement, it’s time to call Dwellness and get the pros to take a look.

What causes high water pressure?

While high water pressure is a less common issue than having low pressure, it comes with its own risks. The most common cause of high pressure comes from a malfunctioning pressure regulating valve. Without the valve, water enters your home with enough pressure to damage pipes, cause leaks or joint problems, or make using water fixtures uncomfortable.

Usually, the best solution is simply to replace the pressure regulating valve. Due to the dangers that come with handling high water pressures, this is a job best left to a professional. If you’ve replaced your malfunctioning valve and still have issues, however, you should call Dwellness right away. Our experts will be able to identify the problem with your water pressure.

Why choose Dwellness?

For over 36 years, Dwellness has been fixing plumbing issues for countless local homeowners in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our experts are the fastest in town, arriving right on schedule virtually every time. And when we solve your water pressure problem, we solve it permanently, the first time.

Whether you know you need help or just have questions our experts are available seven days a week from Monday-Friday 7AM to 11PM  and Saturday & Sunday 8AM to 4PM. Simply fill out the “Request Service Now” form to the left or call 702-641-8888 to get started, and we’ll help identify your water pressure needs and provide the perfect fix.

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