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Garbage disposals are helpful and convenient kitchen appliances that not only make it easy to dispose of food waste but also serve as great eco-friendly alternatives to landfills.

In households with sewer access, garbage disposals send food waste to wastewater treatment plants, where it is processed into fertilizer. More advanced facilities can even capture the biogas for use in energy production.

When your garbage disposal is leaking, clogged, or otherwise not working, Dwellness is here to help with repair and troubleshooting. We’ll not only provide the fix you need to get your garbage disposal fully functioning again, we’ll also talk you through the repair process to make sure you know what steps are needed and why.

Do I need garbage disposal repair?

At Dwellness, we repair both main types of garbage disposals: continuous and batch feed. Continuous feed models operate by flipping a nearby wall or accessory switch. A rubber shield or baffle keeps food within the unit, making it quieter than other types. Batch feed units instead only activate when a disposal lid is covering the unit. While these models take longer to set up, they are safer than other types.

Regardless of type, the experts at Dwellness can help diagnose and fix any kind of garbage disposal issue. Some of the most common problems include:

  • The garbage disposal is out of power. If you can’t find an issue with your fuse box or circuit breakers, then you should locate the small, red reset button at the base of your unit. If the button has popped out, that indicates your system has overheated. Make sure the disposal is clean and then reset it. If you have power, but can’t hear it working, then the motor has probably worn out.
  • The garbage disposal is jammed. Foods with high amounts of fiber, such as avocado leaves and corn husks, can clog up your disposal. If you need to clear a jam, never put your hand inside the unit. Instead, if your disposal has a hole for a socket wrench under the motor, you can rotate the masher plate manually to clear the jam. Otherwise, it’s probably best to call Dwellness.
  • The garbage disposal drain is clogged. Drains can get clogged for any number of reasons. When it happens, turn off the power for the unit, disassemble the trap, and clear the blockage with a drain snake. Once you’ve put it back together, you can check if its clear with water. If the drain remains clogged, it might be time to call a technician.
  • The garbage disposal is making too much noise. Bones and other hard objects can rattle around and make excessive noise inside garbage disposals. These objects can sometimes be loose mounting screws, worn lugs and blades, or broken flyweights. This issue demands an immediate fix, as loose screws can cause leaks that can damage the motor or bearings.
  • You are experiencing multiple leaks. Most leaks come from a loose sink flange or rubber gasket, however leaks coming from the unit’s body will require replacement.

Why choose Dwellness?

For over 36 years, Dwellness has been fixing and installing garbage disposals for countless local homeowners in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our experts are the fastest in the plumbing service industry, arriving right on schedule virtually every time. We can help repair or replace any part of your unit, including lids, baffles, blades, gaskets, seals, flanges, tubing, lugs, and flyweights.

We also handle more than just garbage disposals, and over 60% of our first-time customers end up calling us for other needs like plumbing, heating, and electrical help.

Whether you know you need help or just have questions, our experts are available seven days a week Monday-Friday 7AM-11PM and Saturday & Sunday 8AM to 4PM. Simply fill out the “Request Service Now” form to the left or call 702-641-8888 to get started, and we’ll help you ensure your garbage disposal is working perfectly.

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