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When you need to figure out what’s wrong with your pipes, you can’t beat a video pipe inspection.

These are great for identifying problems that are difficult to find or for locating potential issues before they become expensive.

When you call Dwellness to diagnose your plumbing, we use this method to show you every potential problem that you pipe system might be facing and offer the best solutions to fix them.

The process is simple: by inserting a high-resolution camera attached to a flexible fiber optic cable into your pipe system, a technician can push the cable deeper into the pipe, feeding the video to a tv on the outside that both you and the technician can monitor. This type of inspection gives us a clear picture of the problem and helps us provide accurate solutions.

What problems can a video pipe inspection identify?

While a technician will often use a video inspection to gather more information on a problem, the real benefit of this method comes from identifying potential issues early. A video pipe inspection operated by one of Dwellness’ trained experts can find some of the following problems – and more! – before they become expensive:

  • Damaged Pipes: Pipes that are broken, cracked, or collapsed require repair or replacement, depending on the severity of the damage.
  • Offset Pipe: Sometimes, sewer pipes become misaligned, causing issues for your plumbing.
  • Blockage: Buildup from grease, lime deposits, or other objects can get lodged in pipes and restrict water flow.
  • Corrosion: Whether due to age, exposure to acids, or other corrosive substances, sections of pipe can deteriorate and collapse, causing damage.
  • Bellied Pipe: Pipes can sometimes sink, creating small bowls or valleys that trap water and waste.
  • Leaking Joints: When the seals between pipes break, water can escape into the area around the pipe.
  • Roof Infiltration: The roots from trees and shrubs, when they grow deep enough, can rupture sewer pipes.
  • Low Grade Pipes: Pipes that are old or made of outdated materials, like iron or lead, can cause issues for a number of reasons.

Why choose Dwellness?

For over 36 years, Dwellness has been repairing and unclogging pipes for countless local homeowners in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our experts are the fastest in town, arriving right on schedule virtually every time. We also handle more than just plumbing, and the majority of our first-time customers end up calling us for other needs like HVAC and electrical help.

Whether you know you need help or just have questions, our experts are available seven days a week from Monday-Friday 7AM to 11PM  and Saturday & Sunday 8AM to 4PM. Simply fill out the “Request Service Now” form to the left or call 702-641-8888 to get started, and we’ll help you fix your plumbing to ensure it’s working perfectly.

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